What Kind of Artist Are You?

What Kind of Artist Are You?

What Kind of Artist Are You?

Some people know exactly what medium they want to use to create from the very beginning. Others need to experiment…possibly endlessly. I switched back and forth between many different mediums before I found one that felt like my “home base”.  Even still, I continue to try others just for the experience. 

If you’re one of those who likes a variety but is not quite sure what you’re into the most, try this quick quiz. It might give you a glimmer of certainty. 

Or possibly confuse you more. (But let’s hope not.)

Either way, just have fun! That’s what’s most important. 🙂

Question 1:

You are heading to your art space to create. What do you have in mind?

A. A finely detailed wildlife drawing on bristol board. 

B. A fabulous replication of mountain scenery in oils on canvas you stretched yourself.

C. Being up to your elbows in clay. You plan to sculpt a figure even better than Michelangelo.

D. Roaming the hillsides with your camera in order to capture that phenomenal nature shot. Your art space is the world itself.

E. Yourself stuck in a chair, eyes glued to the computer screen. It’s the only way you can effectively make that superhero character you invented. 

Question 2:

There is going to be a big art exhibit downtown. You attend just to get some inspiration. What kind of art do you find yourself drawn to?

A. The life size charcoal portraits of every day but interesting people.

B. The abstract watercolor displays. 

C. The breathtaking sculptures depicting the gods of ancient Greece.

D. The outstanding photographs of horses in motion.

E. You’re at your computer looking up digital art for inspiration instead of going to the art exhibit. Traditional art isn’t really your thing.

Question 3:

You have to go to the art store to get some new supplies. What do you give the cashier when you check out besides your lifetime membership rewards card?

A. A brand new set of professional colored pencils. Plus some HB pencils, kneaded erasers and yet another sketchbook.

B. A new pristine canvas, a watercolor block, a fan brush, a pointed round brush, masking fluid and a tube of titanium white. Oh, and some odorless paint thinner.

C. Another block of water based clay, a box of Super Sculpey, calipers, and armature wire. 

D. Only a new portfolio this time. You have to have the perfect one to store your new collection of waterfall photographs.

E. A terrific digital art projector. You’ve had your eye on it for months.

Question 4:

You just got your first commission request! What does your client want you to do?

A. A stunning but accurate representation of their beloved late pet in pastel pencils.

B. To capture their family beach house as the sun is rising in a glorious blend of acrylics on canvas.

C. An absolutely charming kitty cat figurine done in polymer clay.

D. A series of professionally taken photos of their aspiring ballerina daughter.

E. A colorful pixel art character for their website home page.

Question 5:

For your birthday, you receive an Amazon gift card to use to your art’s desire. What book are you going to put in your online shopping cart?

A. Draw Real People! by Lee Hammond.

B. The Complete Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook by Gordon MacKenzie.

C. Make Animal Sculptures in Paper Mache Clay by Jonni Good.

D. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson.

E. Digital Painting Techniques by 3dtotal Publishing

Question 6:

You decide you are going to take a workshop. And you’re in luck! There are tons available where you live. The name of the one you ecstatically signed up for is:

A. Graphite Delights

B. Plein Air in the Mountains

C. The Stone Carver

D. Snap It

E. CG & Me

What’s Your Score?

This one is pretty straightforward. Just count how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and E’s you got. Whatever letter you scored the most is what you are most drawn to! If you end up with a tie, perhaps you have more than one than you enjoy devoting yourself to. Or you are a Mixed Media artist!

A’s – You are a Pencil Artist! Drawing is your favorite way to create!

B’s – You are a Painter! You are never far from the brushes!

C’s – You are a Sculptor! Clay is probably stuck in your hair right now!

D’s – You are a Photographer! The camera and you understand each other!

E’s – You are a Digital Artist! The computer is your best friend!

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