Free Adult Coloring Pages

Free Adult Coloring Pages

The most important thing…FUN!

Coloring pages for adults seem to be everywhere now! You can’t go into any store without practically tripping over them. Well, that’s been my experience anyway. I’m also always on the lookout for anything art related or what’s new to read. So, I can’t help it.

When I think of how much I see these coloring pages now, I am reminded of something that I experienced when I was about ten years old. I was in some boring summer school day camp thing and there were only two things I liked about it. 1) Swimming. 2) Computer lab. In the computer lab, there was this neat program that let you color drawings with all sorts of different colors with a simple click (it was not Microsoft Paint, by the way). Being a budding artist, I adored it. Unfortunately, there was a teacher in there who constantly reprimanded me for picking an activity that was more for little kids. Sometimes, she would leave me alone and let me color in peace. Other times, she would force me to do something more “educational” and “mature”.

Now, here I am, far away from the early nineties, as grown up as can be. And it’s finally OKAY to be coloring no matter what age you are! I just think it’s kind of funny how things can change.

Now, I hear about how coloring does this:

  • There is freedom in it.
  • It’s good therapy and helps you relax.
  • There is no right or wrong.
  • Explores your inner child.
  • It’s meditative.
  • Best of all, it’s fun!

That last one makes me smile. That was the whole reason I wanted to do it then! It was FUN! Yet, I was told there was something wrong with it. I wonder if that same teacher now colors pages herself? 😀

Here are some free printable coloring pages that you can use to color and hopefully get some cool, relaxing artwork out of them. I drew these myself for you to use with themes I found inspiring. Some I used a reference photo for. I just did them for fun. So, I hope you also get some fun out of them!

And if you need any recommendations for colored pencils, check out my Colored Pencil Art Supply List to see what I use!

The files below are pdf. Just click and print!