Discovering Your Spirit Animal

Discovering Your Spirit Animal

Art can take on so many forms. Like “discovering your spirit animal” you might ask? Well, yes, actually! I was not trying to discover my spirit animal but ended up doing just that…through art of course. All I was doing was a watercolor picture of an owl. I was feeling inspired by owls recently but have only painted one that I can remember.

My day to day life is pretty noisy and hectic with four children. I like birds. Owls seemed so nice and quiet. Not to mention nocturnal. I have been referred to as a night owl before because I feel most comfortable at night. I also tend to stay up late and do extra work then. There is something about the day slipping into evening that gives me the coziest feeling ever! I have never been a morning person. I’m not opposed to being up early but I have to force myself to be alert. Maybe it’s because I am more introverted and night time just holds more peace and quiet.

Anyway, I recently joined an art group, mainly focused on watercolors. I decided to do an owl because this is another way to self care through art. I am feeling connected to owls because of their quiet, focused nature. When you draw or paint something that you connect to and brings you good feelings, you increase your positive emotions. As I started sketching out my owl, I began to wonder, why is it I feel like doing an owl? It led me to look up the meaning and symbolism of this mysterious night creature.

The Owl



-change or transition

-ability to see what others can’t see

thrives at night, the evening time can be a great source of creative power

I found all of this kind of intriguing, especially the change and transition meaning. I was just thinking about being a night owl. But ever since I lost my spouse, I feel like things have been in constant change or transition – with no end in sight sometimes! I am still in the process of discovering my new “normal”. The symbolism of the owl fits that completely.

This led to me to take this quiz called “What’s Your Spirit Animal?” Just for fun! There were so many animals listed that could possibly be a spirit guardian that I didn’t think I would actually get the owl. But guess what? I got the Owl!

Would you like to discover your spirit animal? It might be a great art subject for you to explore too. Here’s a list of possible spirit animals.


– the ant symbolizes determination, strength and loyalty. 


– the bear is a symbol of healing and confidence.


– the bee represents community and endurance.


– the butterfly symbolizes personal transformation.


– the cat symbolizes independence, curiosity and a desire for mystery and/or freedom.


– the crow is for those who want to connect with the magic and mystery of life.


– the dog represents protection, loyalty and devotion.


– the dolphin is a symbol of harmony and balance.


– the eagle symbolizes wisdom and freedom.


– the elephant represent honor, strength and wisdom


– the fox symbolizes guidance. He wants you to get past illusions.


– the horse symbolizes power and freedom.


– the hummingbird is a symbol of good luck, healing and love.


– the lion represents courage and assertiveness.


– the rabbit symbolizes fertility and abundance.


– the raven wants you to pay attention to messages within your life.


– the swan is a symbol of purity, grace, love and elegance.


– the toad represents fertility, renewal and prosperity.


– the whale symbolizes spiritual awareness and long lasting love. 

Discovering your spirit animal is a great way to express yourself through artwork. If you are an animal lover as well as a fan of spiritual symbolism, then this can be a wonderful project for the day, especially if you’re feeling blocked. It always help to connect with yourself and your own spirit.

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