Are You a Serious Artist?

Are You a Serious Artist?

You’ve decided you love art and are totally sure that art loves you back. Successful artist career, here we come!!!

But wait! Are you sure?

You know you love to create. The stuff you churn out is definitely not any kind of sickly stick figures. But is it what you want to do all the time? And furthermore, is it what you want to rely on for income?

I think this can be conflicting for artists. At least, I find it to be so all the time. We love to create, we are born to create. But bringing business into all of that? If you’re like me, you may have had the thought that it could possibly suck all the fun out of it.

I think anything, if pushed too far in one direction would definitely kill it. But maybe, just maybe, it’s all about finding that special balance.

Even though I made this quiz up purely for fun, I do think it might help you discover a little bit about yourself.

And if not, well, I’m hoping it, at least, makes you laugh a little!


Question 1:

You are doing your artwork. You’re totally in the zone. Everything is clicking and the heavens are shining on your canvas.

The doorbell rings.


A. Answer it. You never know what other excitement might be in store for you today!

B. Just add one or two more brush strokes. Then head to the door.

C. Ignore it completely. No one is getting in the way of your inspiration.

D. What doorbell? You must be hearing things!

Question 2:

You are supposed to meet someone and they are totally late. You also happen to be somewhere where there is absolutely nothing going on to distract you while you wait. How do you keep yourself from getting bored?

A. You curl up into a ball and try to remain calm.

B. You just remembered that there is a bag of smushed Doritos in the glove compartment. Thank goodness.

C. You start observing the occasional passerby and thinking about who would make a great subject for a portrait.

D. The person you were supposed to meet shows up and has to shake you to get your attention. You lost track of time and space because you brought your sketchbook along with you.

Question 3:

There is a family gathering that you’ve been looking forward to attending. At the last minute, it gets changed to the time you’ve set aside to do artwork only. You:

A. Go anyway. It’s the right thing to do. Plus you want to find out details about your sister’s new boyfriend.

B. Go, but show up an hour late.

C. Call up the family member hosting the gathering and see if you can persuade them to move it to a different time.

D. Cancel.

Question 4:

You are out grocery shopping at the local farmer’s market when you come across the most beautiful bunch of red, yellow, and green bell peppers you have even seen in your life. You:

A. Admire them and move on.

B. Take some pictures with your cell phone and then move on.

C. Buy several to use as a still life for an art competition you want to enter. These will totally get you the grand prize!

D. Aren’t out grocery shopping. You are in your art studio again and forgot you even needed food.

Question 5:

When it comes to your art, you:

A. Have a couple of ideas of what would make a good painting or sculpture.

B. Have a sketchbook with a bunch of drawings plus a box filled with pens and pencils.

C. Have a special art desk that’s surrounded by supplies and a couple of works in progress.

D. Have an entire room set aside as a studio and you can barely walk in it because you are tripping over your supplies and works in progress.

Question 6:

Art as a full time career instead of your regular, boring 9-5 sounds:

A. Terrifying. Images of the starving artist as well as Vincent Van Gogh hacking off his own ear and committing suicide bombard your brain.

B. Promising. You’d like to get your work out there and seen. And if all goes well, sayonara 9-5!

C. Very possible. But maybe after art starts to pay for at least some of the bills.

D. Like the best thing ever! You plan to combine some of your marketing skills along with your art. Once you’ve done that successfully, you plan to quit your regular job after art starts paying the same amount that your regular job was paying.

Question 7:

What comes to mind when you think of being a successful artist?

A. You don’t think of being a successful artist. Sure you like to draw sometimes but just as a hobby.

B. Your work displayed in a fancy New York City art gallery. It’s being sold for thousands while people stand around sipping wine and telling you what a genius you are.

C. Setting aside time each and every WEEK to do your artwork. Maybe also building a great website to showcase your work.

D. Setting aside time each and every DAY to do your artwork. You enter competitions, approach art galleries, build a website and do whatever it takes to get your name out there and seen.

Question 8:

To you, art means:

A. An occasional trip downtown to the local art museum.

B. Keeping a few supplies in the house in case you have the urge to draw.

C. Frequent visits to the art supply store. You always have the urge to create.

D. Life. You really don’t think you could exist without art.

Question 9: 

What do you do when you’re sick?

A. Nothing. You’re sick!

B. Throw up and then sleep it off.

C. Throw up. Then stare at the beautiful sunset painting on your bedroom wall until you fall asleep.

D. Keep your sketchbook in bed with you. It’s the only thing distracting you from this inconvenience.

Question 10:

The best part of being an artist is:

A. Telling people you like to be creative. Sometimes.

B. Being famous. You want everyone talking about you after your time on Earth is done.

C. Working hard on your craft and sharing with people what you’ve come up with.

D. Just being able to create. You love the sight of a blank piece of paper. Whatever world is finally made on it only exists because of YOU.

What’s Your Score?

A’s – 1 point.

B’s – 2 points.

C’s – 5 points.

D’s – 10 points.

10-19 points – Okay, art is just a hobby for you. You think it’s great and all but a full time career is probably not at all what you had in mind. And if you scored as low as 10, you may have stumbled upon my website by accident.

20-39 points – There is a sliver of hope for you here. You’re thinking about art, daydreaming and wondering. But you lack a lot of the action that’s needed to make it a major reality for you.

40-69 points – You’re definitely on your way to being a serious artist! With the right support, you really have a chance of making it out there.

70-100 points – If you scored this high, chances are that you aren’t even here. You’re in the studio again or out there making sure your art is being seen! Warning: if you scored the top score of 100, be careful about leading any kind of normal life. Your family will expect you to remember to buy food.

3 thoughts on “Are You a Serious Artist?”

  • I took the quiz and, as I expected, the result indicates I’m not to take art seriously. Actually, anyone that has seen any of my drawings before would quickly agree with that! 🙂
    I had a great time reading the quiz, laughed a lot. You have a great sense of humor. Loved it!

  • I did Not expect this article when I clicked it. It was fun! Glad you put some of your personality in there! I got a 61., which is funny because (I actually attended college for a Bachelor of Fine Arts!) lol. It didn’t pan out, but I have always loved working with basically all mediums, most recently oil based paints. My problem is only delegating my time. Tattoo flashes were going for me for a while. I’m still a sucker for my pencil. ART=LIFE. I enjoyed the quiz!
    Thank you for sharing!

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