Abstract 88 – 7, 8, 9

Abstract 88 – 7, 8, 9


When I started this one, I just decided to stick to red, pink and white. Or rather, in oil paint terms, crimson alizarin, cadmium red and titanium white. No idea why. That’s just what struck me at the moment. Does anyone see a face in this painting besides me? It kind of reminds me a little of that painting, “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. Except, the face I’m seeing in mine doesn’t look tortured. Just a bit surprised or startled. It seems this abstract painting thing is causing me to think a lot more. I keep looking at the stuff I’m making and asking, “Why?” or “What?” or most of the time, “Huh?” Can’t wait to hear what my kids say about this one.

Below, in order of age, are my children’s titles for this painting. It totally surprised and delighted me.

Christie: Bubble Gum Heaven

Charlotte: Pinkie Pie (Yes, I have a My Little Pony fan in the house.)

Bradley: Polka Dot Sky

Nick: Pink-A-Dots (His exact words, I swear.)



Before I even started this one, I found myself missing my colored pencils for the first time. Not that I had quit doing it. I just do it a little less so I can have fun with abstracts too. I was looking through some reference photos to get ideas. And I kept thinking, wow that looks like it would be fun to draw in pencil. The sparks of inspiration were starting to fly. I guess a little of my need for detail and precision is sneaking in a bit. Guess it’s all this “be free” stuff, huh? Not to worry, I will still be doing this abstract series alongside my regular pencil work.

Below, in order of age, are my children’s titles for this painting.

Christie: Christie is Confused (she said this painting confused her. Ooookay…:D)

Charlotte: Piece of Cheese (?????)

Bradley: Rainbow Cloud

Nick: Sun Dream



I switched to watercolor for this one. Not because I was tired of oil. I was just starting to run low on thinner and canvas panels. I’ll have to wait til next payday. But that’s okay. I never restricted this series to just oil paints. It’s all abstract!!! Any medium will suffice. I just happen to have a ton of watercolor paper and paints. At least it will dry faster. And I love watercolors too. No surprise there. I seem to love anything having to do with art. If someone handed me saltine crackers smashed to smithereens and said, “Sorry, you have to create with only this today,” you can bet I’d find a way to do it.

As I applied masking fluid to this one in a random design, I was reminded of a book I liked as a kid. It was Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary. (Can you believe Ms. Cleary is 101 years old???)

Anyway, in one of the chapters Beezus is taking an art class and they have an assignment where they have to paint an imaginary animal. While Beezus is fretting over her own lack of imagination, the girl next to her is painting purple dots on a pink background with a gray line that weaves in and out of the dots. That’s quite an interesting imaginary animal. Very abstract. Something about the dots I made with the masking fluid made this story pop into my head.

I’m not getting imaginary animal with mine though. In fact, the longer I look at it, I keep thinking of blue jeans.

Okay, I’m done chattering. Below, in order of age, are my children’s titles for this painting.

Christie: Swirly Snakes

Charlotte: Smoky Mountain 

Bradley: Black Out

Nick: Planets in the Ocean

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