Abstract 88 – 4, 5, 6

Abstract 88 – 4, 5, 6

Abstract #4

Well, this one totally turned out looking like water to me. I just went swooping back and forth with the brush and this is what emerged. I had wanted some cool colors after my last painting which was pinks and purples. I like blues and greens very much anyway but I think I especially wanted them today because it felt too warm outside. Currently, I reside in the Lone Star State where I was born. But I spent most of my life in Northern Virginia. While I don’t exactly miss snowstorms, I’m not sure I’m ever going to get used to the heat down here.

Below, in order of age, are my children’s titles for this painting. They also got the idea of water!

Christie: The Ocean

Charlotte: Sparkle River 

Bradley: Wavy Ocean

Nick: Blue Ocean

Abstract #5

Despite this being an abstract series, I feel like my pieces sometimes look like stuff without intention. I’m mainly concentrating on my brush strokes and colors. But somehow, real things keep emerging on me. I guess I always thought of “abstract” looking more like geometric shapes or paint splatters. But after this one, I went and researched a little more on abstract painting and found that it can be a lot of things, including what I came up here. This particular piece looks like a bunch of flowers to me. I just thought yellow and green and diagonals while painting it!

Below, in order of age, are my children’s titles for this painting. I see they thought of flowers too 😀

Christie: Sunflowers

Charlotte: Daffodil Meadow

Bradley: Flower Fall

Nick: Dandelion Field

Abstract #6

This one is a little weird to me. I don’t like the little bit of muddiness I made with the purple and the yellow. I did enjoy putting all the colors on the canvas again. But the reason I ended up thinking it was weird was when I stepped away from it. I went into the kitchen to put my cup away and throw out some trash that was sitting on my desk. When I came back into the room, I saw the painting from a distance and that’s when it looked weird to me. It looked kind of like a giant rainbow colored eyeball! Staring at me, no less. But in a way…it also looks like how I feel when inspiration hits. My eye sees something and then all kind of ideas begin shooting out. Maybe this intuitive painting thing taps into my subconscious more than I thought.

Spooky…yet oddly satisfying…

Below, in order of age, are my children’s titles for this painting. You can see that they had totally different ideas about what this is.

Christie: Nosy Cat (Okay, this one I had to ask an explanation for. Christie said that the circle was the cat’s nose and the white wavy lines were his whiskers. And all of it is big and in your face because he’s being nosy. Hmm…)

Charlotte: Flashlight

Bradley: Avocado

Nick: Sunny Day


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