About Me

Hi everyone!

As you might have guessed, my name is Nikki. Thank you for stumbling upon my colorful corner of the web! 

Are you the type of artist who just loves to dream, wish, and explore? Well, then you and I are going to get along just fine! 😀 There are too many things to create and it can be incredibly hard to settle on just one. And who says you have to? Sure, you’ll always have your favorites, but there is usually a part of you that also likes to try new things. 

While I am mostly a colored pencil artist, I also use this website to post things that I find inspiring that have to do with art. I explore mostly in visual art but also in the art of writing. That comes in the form of project posts, tutorials, decorating ideas, art prompts, coloring pages, and more. Whatever knowledge I have about art or crafts is what I’ll share here. I love to try new things and I am positive that there are plenty of art lovers out there who like to do the same thing. I just need to create and I’d like to share the results with you!

I also like to center what I do create around things that inspire others. Not just in art but in life! I like to see others finding their inner magic, and discovering that being you is a pretty special thing. I think art is a perfect doorway to self discovery, which is why I say, “Follow Your Art’s Delight!”

In fact, now that you’re here, if you have any suggestions for something you’d also like to see here, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. This isn’t just my place (despite the fact that it has my name on it). It can be your place too! My contact information is down below.

So, whatever reason brought you here, you are welcome! I am hoping that you stay and discover a cozy world where your creativity can run wild. I’d like you to think of this site as that quiet little window seat. You can curl up with a cup of tea and let your imagination take you to wherever your he(art) desires.

My Story

To say art and books have always held a special fascination for me just doesn’t seem to explain it justly. A better description would be: if there is, in fact, only a magical slip of a curtain that separates Earth from an enchanted land of dreams, then art and books would be the thing that draws that curtain aside for me.

I look at paints, paper, clay and canvas as infinite possibilities! Just seeing a blank journal or pristine white canvas fills me with contentment and joy because the question is always there, “What if?” (And after that, it becomes, “It is.” 🙂 )

I have been drawing, painting, crafting and writing as long as I can remember. Many things and many people have come and gone in my life. Our family moved around a lot when I was a child, which was very hard on my quiet, introverted personality. And unfortunately, I didn’t have understanding parents. They seemed to view my quietness as something to ‘fix’.

Yet I feel as though my art and writing has always remained like trusty, faithful sidekicks that could always be relied on. No matter what has happened, even if I had to leave them for awhile, I found that they have always waited patiently on the sidelines, knowing that I someday, I will return.

Sometimes, I don’t feel as if I was the one who chose to do art or writing but rather that they chose me!

Other things to know about me…

I have had four beautiful children with my husband, the absolute love of my life. For many years, I stopped doing a lot of art and writing (though I was always found time to read). I decided that I wanted to be a stay at home mom because I saw our children and family as the best work of art. And I was lucky enough to meet someone who was completely supportive of that dream.

I began forming ideas in my mind of doing another website simply as a means to support our family. But those ideas stayed in the back of my thoughts for quite some time because my husband was diagnosed with head and neck cancer in 2008. Unfortunately, it remained a tremendous battle from that time on until I lost him in 2016.

Art and writing have always been a part of me but they became a welcome relief from my sadness and anxiety over my husband – especially because it has felt so unfair. I had a lifetime of being surrounded by people I didn’t understand and who didn’t understand me. Then, I met someone I could really share my life with. And I was forced to let him go. Now, with the grief still fresh, I have found that I’d rather channel it into good things, like our children, and this website.

So, here is a new chapter. Thanks for visiting and joining me on this new adventure!

I am off to create!

May you, too, have all your art desires 🙂

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